The Lessons

At your first EDT lesson, and each lesson thereafter, Mirek will check your learner permit, and if you are using your own car, will check to make sure your insurance, motor tax, NCT and the roadworthiness of the vehicle are all in order.

Mirek will give you a logbook with your name, address, date of birth and learner permit driver number. You should bring this logbook to each lesson and make sure all the appropriate sections are filled out after each lesson.

EDT lessons timeline Lessons 1-8 must be taken in sequence, but lessons 9-12 may be taken in any order. Each of the 12 lessons in EDT lasts about one hour. We recommend that you leave at least two weeks between each EDT lesson to allow for further instruction, practice and learning.

The EDT course is best spread out over six months. The 12 lessons are titled:

Lesson 1: Car controls and safety checks

Lesson 2: Correct positioning

Lesson 3: Changing direction

Lesson 4: Progression management

Lesson 5: Correct positioning

Lesson 6: Anticipation and reaction

Lesson 7: Sharing the road

Lesson 8: Driving safely through traffic

Lesson 9: Changing direction (more complex situations)

Lesson 10: Speed management

Lesson 11: Driving calmly

Lesson 12: Night driving

Areas Covered:

co. Carlow, co. Kilkenny and co .Laois